Leslie Kerr in an Arctic winter landscape.Leslie Kerr is a Reiki Master, Permaculture Designer, a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and a former manager of remote Alaskan wildlands and wildlife.

Flows of energy from the land have been an enduring source of inspiration in all aspects of her life. Her years living in the Arctic and her work with circumpolar conservation of protected areas strongly influenced her spiritual path.

Her professional role as steward to millions of acres of remote Alaskan wildlands was a natural outgrowth of her intuitive connection with the living landscape. Encounters with bears, both black and brown, wolves, wolverine, moose, caribou, salmon, sheefish and migratory birds from tundra swans to the smallest of warblers all enrich her life.

She now creates ceremonial art, rose affirmations and meditations, as well as being the aumakua (guardian) of the Crystal River Essences.


Patricia DeMarco and red ginger.

Patricia DeMarco traces her wise woman ways to her Welsh grandmother, Gladys, who taught her the practical skills of gardening and keeping a household while sharing with her the deeper secrets of the wild woods above Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho.

Throughout the 70's and early 80's, Patricia and her husband Michael taught and homesteaded in rural Alaska. Patricia also worked with native elders throughout the state to preserve and pass along their skills and memories to the younger generations.

Upon returning to northern Idaho, Patricia pursued a career as an alternative school principal/teacher and youth librarian. She retired in 2005 as Idaho's Youth Librarian of the Year. She also assisted her husband in Full Circle Botanicals, a herbal medicine making business.

Now in retirement on the island of Hawaii, she practices Earth Blessing Reiki and offers loving prayers for peace and harmony in the world. She brings her gentle wisdom and connection to the Big Island to the making of the Crystal River Essences.

Honoring our teachers...Grandmother Berniece Falling Leaves

Reverend Berniece Falling Leaves, Leslie's teacher since 1989, is a third generation meta-physician who received most of her early training from her Grandmother, and from growing up in a Spiritualist Church. She is a Metis, half Lakota Sioux and half Danish, who received training from many Native Americans of different Tribes, Bands, and Nations. She is also guided by her Non-Physical Spiritual Teachers. Her information and wisdom is gathered from personal experience and Spirit, not books and classes. She has been actively working and teaching for more than 60 years.

Reverend Patricia O'BoyleReverend Patricia O'Boyle, Leslie's teacher since 2006, is an internationally recognized spiritual psychic medium and spiritual healer, who has served the New Thought spiritual community for more than 30 years. Born in South Africa and raised in what is now Zambia, Reverend Pat first discovered her spiritual gifts as a child in her native Africa. She offers experiential course work in spiritual development through Paedia, her school of esoteric and fine arts in Anchorage, Alaska. She also teaches nationally and internationally, as she is guided to serve. 

Grandmother Drum with fern lei.

Grandmother Drum, a seven and a half foot diameter crystal inlaid drum built by the multi-cultural community in Alaska, brought Leslie and Patricia together in 2009 at the Rainbow Fire Mystery School on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Pele joined in by asking Leslie to make some essences from her flowers and asked Patricia, a local resident, to help.



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