The consciousness of One Heart, One Mind.

We are all one. This is the simple, central message of the great teachers of many ages.

I am my brother's keeper, because I am my brother. I am my sister. I am every child. I AM all of creation. When I practice feeling good by affirming joy, love, peace, abundance and oneness, I effect all of creation as I effect myself. Love begins with me. Peace begins with me.

Together we create the love and peace we want to see in the world. It begins with each choice we make to choose a more loving thought.

This project called "Rose Consciousness" grew out of use of meditation and affirmation to connect deeply with the Divine in a quest for healing; healing for self, others and our planet. Beautiful affirmations came in meditation, along with the instruction to combine these with luscious rose images. The rose brings a magical connection to the universal love of the archetypal Divine Mother. We have called her by many names: Mother Mary, Sophia, Isis, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Qwan Yin, Lakshmi, and the Queen of Heaven are but a few.

Seeing a rose, or smelling a rose, grounds this concept of divinity in our human and cellular memory. We all know what a rose is and how it smells. Memory of this scent accesses a part of the brain correllated with the original one cell consciousness of our conception.

This one cell consciousness is as close to "one heart, one mind consciousness" as we can get in human memory. And in that memory, we can tap into this consciousness as a human concept, rather than as divine ideal. This brings people to the zero point, which nullifies all of our old "stories" instantaneously.

As you explore this site you will find:

About the practice of affirmation...

Affirmation is a powerful and universal form of prayer. Rather than beg a favor from a divine source outside of ourselves, we affirm and decree the love, healing, abundance and oneness that is our divine birthright.

It easy to create or find beautiful affirmations. But what about practicing them? Here is a suggestion: surrender control. Put your affirmations on separate pieces of paper (or print some out from the gallery of affirmations in this site!) and lay them out face down. Pick ten "at random". Then keep your ego happy by choosing one or two more after looking at what you have picked.

Commit to repeating each of these affirmations three times each, two times per day, for a specific number of days. Tape them on your bathroom mirror, inside an oft used kitchen cupboard or on the dashboard of your car. Then think of other lovely ways to be reminded throughout the day to chose happier, more loving thoughts!


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