Rose Healing brings the healing energy of roses into the human energy field.

Grandmother Berniece Falling LeavesGrandmother Berniece Falling Leaves has taught this technique to many people. Her small book on this subject is currently undergoing its third revision. Hopefully it will be made more widely available in the future. The book was also translated into Japanese by one of her students.

But, there is no reason to wait for the book before you begin your own experimentation. On its surface, the technique is simple. All you need is a rose, and a pure intention to accept the healing it has to offer.

Begin with a prayer, or statement of your intention. Thank the rose for its gift to you. Hold it close for a few moments, along the mid-line of your body, until you feel ready to begin. Then use it to "dust" your energy field. You can touch the rose to your body, although most often you would be several inches away from your body. You can also have someone else do this for you and take turns serving each other. When you feel complete, thank the rose and affirm with words (spoken out loud) that "I accept this healing" A closing prayer of gratitude is always appropriate too.

Use a different rose for each person. Afterwards place your rose in a vase of water by your bedside. It may "crystalize" from the energy, or it may just dry. Keep the dried petals and use them as offerings in ceremony.


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