Orders for Crystal River Essences can be placed at the on-line store of the Whirling Rainbow Foundation. Proceeds benefit the global peace work of the Foundation.

Custom Blends, at the stock solution level of dilution, created from the full library of flower and environmental essences are available through in-person or telephone consultations with Leslie. for information or to schedule a consultaion contact her via Leslie@RoseConsciousness.com.

Zero Point flower essence

Crystal River Essences offered by the Whirling Rainbow Foundation:
Flower essences support our subtle energy body to respond to life changes and transformations with ease and grace. These transformational elixirs include flower and environmental essences infused in potent locations in Hawaii, North America, and Israel and activated with the crystal-inlaid Grandmother Drum.

All Crystal River Essences are preserved in a base of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% spring water. They are bottled in the incredible Miron violet glass dropper bottles with tamper-evident caps, and potentized with violet waters. 100% alcohol free. Protect from freezing.

Flowers of Pele:

Zero Point; $33.00 (50 ml) – Softens and opens the heart so one can move forward without “baggage” or “history”. Aassists in times of stress or transformation; portal to longevity.

Transfiguration; $26.00 (30 ml) – Brings together in us the energy of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Connects some of the most powerful energy vortices of Hawaii and the Holy Land.

Alignment; $22.00 (30 ml) – Synchronizes us to new shifts in planetary energies for 2012. Clears the hara (Navel Chakra) of past “stories”, grounding us with the dream of Mother Earth.  Helps maintain equilibrium when working in powerful energy vortices

Cobra’s Eye; $22.00 (30 ml) – Clears and balances subtle energy channels and opens the Third Eye to our vision of Oneness.  Used especially with alternate nostril breathing.

Anna; $22.00 (30 ml) – Opens the Crown Chakra to the luminous celestial light web and bliss of the Divine Mother (Amma).

Sovereign Authority; $22.00 (30 ml) – Assists those shifting identification from sources of external authority to their own inner “sovereign authority.”

Inner Embrace; $22.00 (30 ml) – Fosters willingness to allow the embrace of one’s inner divinity. Strengthens communion between inner and outer aspects of being.

Melt Resistance; $22.00 (30 ml) – Assists in situations of extreme resistance to transformational change. Helps accomplish a shift in attitude from “Can’t” to “Can”.

Assimilation; $22.00 (30 ml) – Created in Maui’s Iao Valley, a historical place once known for respite, this essence helps stabilize and integrate changes that have been embraced.

Identify with Truth; $22.00 (30 ml) – Created on Maui’s Haleakala Volcano, Silversword essence is the “flaming sword of Christ” cutting away all that is not the truth in one’s identity.

Trinity of the Holy Land:

Magdalene (Yasmin ha Ahava, Jasmine of Love); $22.00 (30 ml) – Opening to the Divine Love of the Christed Ones.

Michael (Moriya, the Dove); $22.00 (30 ml) – Opening to the Inner Peace of the Christed Ones.

Miriam; ("El Na Repha Na Lah" or, "Lord, please heal her."); $22.00 (30 ml) – Opening to the Healing of the Christed Ones.

Chakra Journey of Initiation:

Grounding; $22.00 (30 ml) – Root Chakra: Grounding and Conscious Calm amidst planetary changes. Antidote to excessive mental focus or “wheel spinning”; useful for travelers.

Creative Fire; $22.00 (30 ml) – Navel Chakra: Stimulates creativity and the birthing of new ideas.

Courage; $22.00 (30 ml) – Solar Plexus Chakra: Trusting one’s innate guidance. Transforming fear into creative action. Courage to be one's Authentic Self.

Forgiveness; $22.00 (30 ml) – Heart Chakra: Softens heart to allow true perception of self and other. Unconditional grace. The heart is always for giving.

Fidelity to Purpose; $22.00 (30 ml) – Throat Chakra: Alignment of soul body to life purpose; speaking one’s truth.

Attune to the Divine; $22.00 (30 ml) – Third Eye Chakra – Supports development of “knowingness” and insight; attuning to one’s own spiritual guidance.

Embrace Divinity; $22.00 (30 ml) – Crown Chakra – Opening to the light of the Divine. Accepting one’s own divinity.

Custom Blends and New Essences

Additional essences are also available that are not currently part of any particular series; these are listed at the bottom of the essences page. All essences are also available to be combined into custom blends; contact Leslie@RoseConsciousness.com to schedule a flower essence consultation.

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